Friday, September 28, 2012

Sometimes I wish...

We're halfway through our Blog Hop

I'm the 14th among 28 beautiful souls participating in this event.
I wrote this as I read Mary's post over her blog Living with Food Allergies and Celiac Disease .
I am humbled and touched by your kindness Mary. You are so loved BS!
Thank you!


I used to ask God for enormous things like a 'stigmata' (either on my left or right hand). Just like the one San Francesco and Padre Pio had...

an apparition from an angel ... 

 I thought it might help me gain respect from other people...

or perhaps God will protect me from life's harsh realities because I bear Christ's wounds...

Sometimes I wish...

God has preserved me from childhood traumas...
then it would've been easier to relate with other people...


I wish all children would be loved for their worth ~ 
and selfishness will be banished from this world...

Sometimes I wish...

I could've been more sincere...
then I could've saved a lot of people from unnecessary pain.


Sometimes I wish...

People knew the difference between enough and too much.
Then we'll learn to give and create space for others.


I reflected...

I do bear Christ's wounds in my brokenness.
 If I had been spared of all the dramas, I wouldn't even care so much. 
I would be blind to God's loving mercy and abundant graces.

All my experiences led me here
with the children...
outside the walls...
God weaves a beautiful tapestry, e v e r y single moment
even with the loose threads.
And my history is written in the pages of God's book forever
without edits.

Now it's time to bow down and put my dear friend on the limelight...

She's one of the most gracious lady photographers I met in the blog world.
She has introduced me to new places in Europe along with the different cultures
in her blog Nelmitravel .

One thing common about us is ~ 
we both love
Africa :)

You could also visit her beautiful works at Nelieta Mishchenko Fotografia and Fine Art America
Nelieta Mishchenko
lots of love! 

What if my greatest disappointments
Or the aching of this life
Is the revealing of a greater thirst this world can't satisfy
What if the trials of this life
The rains, the storms, the hardest nights
Are your mercies in disguise
~ Blessings, Laura Story Lyrics ~

Saturday, September 22, 2012

εφφαθα: First part

"Morning after morning He opens my ear..."
Isaiah 50:4
~Morning Ear Introduction by Goergen~


September passed swiftly like a breeze … 

and so has one year of my life...

General Assemblies, conventions, meetings, hospital visits, weddings, catechesis, taking care of my little nieces sandwiched in between

early mornings and late nights on the road...
         MRT stress scenes...
              13-17 hours exposure to     
                     computer screen...
                           article analysis...

It's totally taxing at some point so I learned to switch off some channels

I counselled less and listened more to...

The road

10 September 2012. Along the streets of EDSA.

The streets have so much to say. 

They become avenues for the plight of the poor and people's sentiments. 

Awareness campaigns, strikes, peaceful revolutions, environmental causes have been amplified by crowds and mass media.

21 September 2012. A typical Fri-day afternoon along Quezon Avenue

The Sky
I noticed that traffics become run-of-the-mill... especially on Mondays and Fridays...

They become frequent sources of incidents and lassitude.

I continually believe that it is curable if there is more discipline and respect among us.

Need I say that countless Filipinos live along the streets, under the bridge, in carts?

Seeing them moves me to compassion. 

I know the Lord hears their cries... 

Do we notice? do we even care?

18 September 2012. Overview of our workplace from 17th floor.

The sky cries mostly September nights.
Earlier this year, we experienced a rainy summer.

By August, most parts in QC and Manila were flooded by monsoon rains
(This is very unusual).
Small rains cause water to rise.

What does Mother Nature say to us?

My Body

One of my little ones nebulizing while asleep. All my nieces have asthma.

One of my little ones nebulizing while asleep. All my nieces have asthma.

When do we actually admit that things are enough?
I think I do when I find myself in my sick bed for several weeks.

In a retreat I attended in 2006, a Claretian Missionary shared,

"The mind can lie a lot but the body cannot lie. 
In fact, the body is more honest than the mind.
Whatever the mind refuses to accept is pushed to the body.
Hence, the body has more memories than the mind."

Work and leisure...
restful hours of sleep...
These are golden because money can never ever buy us back our health.



...what my mind refuses to accept is pushed to the body.

I usually find the refuse in my dreams.

I had a dreamfest several months ago. 
"Dreams are like pieces to a puzzle and we only get ONE piece at a time..."

Oh how true!

Recently, after watching an episode of MMK on tv,
I found myself again in the sanctuary with some people I knew in my past.

Today, the dream had its continuation...

I saw myself celebrating the mass with them (this is the second time I dreamt of them as an assembly). The difference is... they started talking to me.
I didn't argue...I acquiesced and listened...

All the anxieties I had over the years...
the ghosts that were haunting me...
my shadows...

They reconciled with me...