Thursday, July 2, 2015

Love Memories

I had a very lively discussion with my mom early this morning. We ate "current issues" for breakfast ~ same sex marriages, relationships, single parenthood, life back then and now. I asked how she and dad reached forty-one years together ~ it wasn't an easy life. She said the younger generation either fears or eschews "sacrifice" and 'self-denial' ~ those are important ingredients to family life ~ sacrifice is the language of love [cf Bishop James Conley].

Sacrifice took a new meaning in my life when I discerned to become a single celibate ~ gone was a life of security, of forming a family, of having children... the Lord gave me "other" families and children.

"Real love is being open to the love that comes to you. 
The LOVE that surprises us." 

Love presented itself as a "twin heart" ~ one who loves Jesus dearly. For a while, I thought it would end up to something else but God had different plans. He continued my life inside the walls. He told me not to "look back" at my past like Lot's wife who became a pillar of salt [Gen.19,26]. A memory should never "paralyze" us nor keep us from moving forward. The Lord always intends that we live full lives.

 "Give us this day our daily love." 
~ Pope Francis, Do Not Fear Forever ~

We celebrated feast and prayer days together. We "healed" memories by transforming them into occasions we could celebrate.

While some friends kept dry petals in jars to reminisce monthsaries of flower giving, I have read that a "love drawer" is a special place where we could put all our treasures together. 

My love drawer took different forms as I grew up. I still keep an altar in my room with the Bible and the LOH. My diaries contained stories of my adventures with Him and now I have 'our' blog, music and videos.

I shall draw strength from the love we share in Jesus...

I shall come back everyday...

and I'll remember everything... 
       I'll remember you and me...

   with a grateful heart+
Secret Life by The Strange Familiar

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